Pen & Inks – Signed & Unsigned

Pen & Inks – click on first picture to open full image of each

Drawn in 1933 and signed by Henry Goode, third, fourth and fifth pictures are pen and inks of Bill Smith, Lenor, daughter (approximately 7-1/2 years old) and son Kenneth Lee Smith (age 5), respectively – – –  Goode was, perhaps, a customer in Mr. Smith’s restaurant in the Belasco Theatre where Goode’s studio was located.  Ms. Patricia Smith Morgan, daughter of Bill and sibling of Lenor and Kenneth, had emailed these images to me . . . I share them now with you

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Goode was a professional musician as well as artist; these passions fused together when he created “The Story Behind the Music” (Liszt and Mendelssohn are just two of the many works in this series) (see pages 1 and 2)

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Bert Rovere (image on page 3) , a robust man, operatic baritone and jazz singer and friend of Goode, owned a trendy Los Angeles restaurant and night cub in the 1940s known as the Paris Inn – - waiters sang and customers danced to a full orchestra.  The Paris Inn was a favorite hangout for Hollywood movie stars and starlets




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Tom Mix, close friend of Henry Goode

Tom Mix, friend of Goode

Tom Mix, friend of Goode

After settling in Los Angeles from New York in 1922, Goode played the cello in the orchestra at 20th Century Fox, worked for and was friends with Tom Mix during the silent movie era, playing music for Mr. Mix’s silent films.  Goode sketched pen and inks of the burgeoning and well-known movie stars of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940s; many of these sketches were displayed in local print media.

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